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We are a leading market research and product research company based in Stuttgart, Germany. Our aim is to support you in making business decisions based on valid results and relevant insights. Our consumer tests help you by showing you the needs, desires and frustrations of your target group.

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How do consumer tests at the ipi institutes work?

we combine objective measurements & subjective consumer feedback

Would you like to know if your product will be accepted by your target group? How does it compare with competitors? And is it ready for market launch? We find the answers to your questions. To achieve this, we combine the objective technical measurements of your product with subjective feedback from your target group. While some consumer tests take place in our testing studio, others are carried out by consumers at home or online.

How do we test your product?

technical measurements for objective testing

Using our technical measurement methods, we can carry out objective testing of selected product groups for their fitness for use. In the case of a shaver or epilator, for example, we take measurements on the skin (TEWL, Mexameter readings and hair lengths/number of hairs). Alternatively, we can test the efficiency of a dental care product using plaque samples. 

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Electronic measuring probes for measuring various properties of the skin.
Image Slide 1
Test set-up for an objective shaver test with dermatological measurements.
Image Slide 3
Highly magnified images of the skin and beard hairs are taken with a microderm camera.
Image Slide 3
Technical equipment for objective shaver tests with various skin measurements.
Image Slide 3
Cleaning efficiency sampling for a toothbrush test.
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And best of all, we also offer tailor-made test designs to meet your needs. We work with you to develop concepts for consumer tests that put your products and services through their paces. This enables you to make important business decisions on a solid basis and continuously improve your products and services.

Who can respond to your question?

the right target group

We have our own consumer panel consisting of approximately 7,000 households in the Stuttgart metropolitan area, in addition to a Germany-wide partner network for field services and an international institute network. Backed by these resources, we are well-positioned to find exactly the right target group for your question. Our test subject pool consists of many different types of reliable people who we have been working with for several years. Recruiting outside our own consumer panel also enables us to recruit people from challenging target groups and to work to specific requirements (e.g. Sinus-Milieus).

It’s very important for us to understand the needs of our clients and that our test subjects feel comfortable. We believe that this is the only way to obtain valid and relevant results that satisfy your requirements.

Matthias Stauer
Head of Market & Consumer Research
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What can the ipi institutes test?

overview of consumer tests

  • Focus groups/ workshops (online and offline)
  • Individual/ in-depth interviews
  • Expert evaluations
  • Eye-tracking (with partner)/ heatmaps
  • Smart product tests
  • Sensory perception: tasting tests
  • Sensoy perception: sniff tests
  • ipi spotlight (upcoming)

Modern equipment & professional resources

the ipi consumer test studio

Where consumer tests are not conducted in the homes of members of the target group, we carry them out in our ipi consumer testing studio. With the help of our ultra-modern facilities and professional tools, we are fully equipped to handle your requests efficiently and using the correct methods. These facilities include refrigerator and freezer capacity, a fully equipped test kitchen, six identical washing machines, online survey workstations, audio and video technology as well as a modern focus group unit with a comfortable client lounge.

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The Forum of the ipi Institutes.
Image Slide 2
A test room of the ipi Institutes with mobile washbasin for razor tests.
Image Slide 3
The ipi Institute client lounge with a view into the large group discussion room.
Image Slide 3
The group discussion room of the ipi Institutes.
Image Slide 3
The client lounge with one-way mirror for observing individual interviews or group discussions.
Image Slide 3
The ipi Institute client lounge.
Image Slide 1
The test kitchen of the ipi institutes.
Image Slide 3
Conducting an application test of electric shavers in one of the ipi Institute’s test rooms.
Image Slide 3
Conducting a group discussion at ipi with observation through the one-way mirror.
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