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Every year, we conduct around 1,000 product tests in our accredited product testing laboratory. Our interdisciplinary team of experts develops its own test methods and offers both industry-standard tests as well as tailor-made study and test concepts. Through this, we have established ourselves on the market as a leading testing laboratory and impartial service provider for over 50 years. Working independently of manufacturers, we offer comprehensive services to our internationally reputed clients with whom we maintain long-term partnerships.

The dual test approach of ipi institutes. The ipi institutes are both a product testing laboratory and a consumer testing studio, united by a passion for testing products.



The ipi product test laboratory represents one half of our dual testing approach, which makes us unique as a testing institute. With others you would have to employ a new service provider, but we offer you product research and market research all under one roof. We do this by combining smart technical product tests from the accredited test laboratory with in-depth consumer surveys from our consumer test studio.

Various products that are tested in the ipi institutes lie on a table. On display are hair styling appliances, hair trimmers, a baby monitor, a yoga mat, a diaper and a coffee machine. A person wearing a lab coat holds a stand mixer.



In our product test laboratory we offer an extensive test portfolio and broad range of testing. The scope of our product research covers a comprehensive range of tests of use and functionality, such as usability, performance and energy efficiency tests as well as sensory perception assessments. Our in-house test laboratory is also DAkkS-accredited to the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, enabling us to offer industry-standard product testing.

DAkkS-Akkreditierungssymbol mit Registrierungsnummer der ipi Institute für Produktforschung: D-PL-20074-01-00
A yellow circle with a color gradient. It says: DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

General laboratory facilities

Our flexible laboratory facilities enable a broad array of tests to be carried out on different products in a practical setting. Each room is equipped with multiple electrical circuits, with the option of stabilised voltage and air conditioning for testing the largest possible number of household appliances at the same time.

Our chemistry area in the laboratory offers everything that is required to carry out simple chemical tasks. This is where the solutions, contrast agents or test water which are necessary to test various products are mixed.

Added to this, we have set up our own measuring station for basic electrical safety tests. This is where we conduct high-voltage tests and measure leakage current.

Climate-controlled laboratory

Our climate-controlled laboratory, consisting of ten climate-controlled chambers and a climate-controlled cabinet, is mainly used for tests in the thematic areas of food storage and HVAC. We also use this laboratory to carry out corrosion tests. The ambient conditions in the rooms can be controlled within a range of -20°C to +60°C with relative humidity from 10% to 100%.

Application technology

The full range of products related to food preparation are tested in our air-conditioned laboratory kitchen. This represents a realistic household setting, with multiple versions of all the necessary kitchen appliances available. These include test crockery that conforms with the standards for cooking and baking, mobile hobs and expandable refrigeration capacity among others. This enables us to respond quickly to new test requirements and in varied ways.

Our food sensory area is situated right next to application technology, allowing prepared test dishes to be sampled as quickly as possible. This area is equipped with a lamp with a special light colour for the sensory perception technology and a photo booth, enabling dishes to be sampled by experienced staff and as part of a technically automated process.

View of the ipi Institute photo booth, where small cakes (muffins) are being automatically sampled as test food from DIN EN 60350-1.
Small cakes in the photo booth

Coffee laboratory

Our coffee laboratory has space for testing more than 20 coffee machines. The laboratory is equipped with air conditioning to adjust the room temperature, a large sink, refrigeration capacity and an oven for pre-heating cups, thus providing optimum conditions for coffee machine tests.

Laboratory for incontinence products

Our laboratory for incontinence products is equipped with everything required for industry-standard testing according to ISO 11948-1:1996, testing method No. 12/2015 MDS-H or the ABL method (DIN 13222:2022) or for testing baby nappies. Thanks to the proximity of the laboratory to our chemical department, the necessary testing fluids can be mixed in-house.

A laboratory assistant adjusts the fit of an incontinence diaper on the test torso according to DIN 13222.

endurance test laboratory

Our endurance laboratory tests products for their durability. Using pneumatics and PLC controls, we develop highly specialised individual solutions for automated continuous load testing and set them up in our in-house workshop. This simulates the life cycle of an appliance for up to 30 years. Added to this is our own laboratory for moisture testing, where irrigation tests among others are carried out.

The service life of various shavers is tested in an automated test rig for endurance tests. A rotating roller presses on the shaving head.

photo studio

Our in-house photo studio is specially equipped for shooting product photos. Background and lighting can be infinitely adjusted, and the images created this way are typically cropped.

Various soft boxes and a camera on a tripod stand in front of a white background system in the ipi Institute's internal photo studio.
ipi in-house photo studio

In-house workshop

In our own workshop, our professional “tinkerers” develop tailored test setups for you on request. For example, this is where highly-specialised bespoke solutions are created for endurance testing.

The ipi Institute workshop with various tools and machines.
The ipi Institute workshop with a table saw.

With our wide range of services, we offer comprehensive support in optimising your products and services. We are your partner for reliable and accurate test results.

Karl-Heinz Baumann
Managing Director



Every new order requires its own laboratory environment and testing programme. Every test setup in the product testing laboratory is custom-made from the outset. No matter which of our ipi testing laboratories you may consider, you can rest assured that meticulous care will be taken at the ipi institutes to establish technical and consumer-relevant criteria.

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