Services & methods

We offer you a broad range of services & methods for a thorough testing of your product that you can combine however you like. This is how we combine precise laboratory measurements and expert testing with user opinions and consumer tests. A unique option for testing your product. Product research and market research under one roof – our dual approach.


The right test method for every product

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Fit for Use Tests

Let us examine whether your product is market-ready. Avoid complaints and poor ratings online and in comparison tests.

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Technical measurements

Have the specifications been adhered to?
Weight, power, temperatures, wear resistance, time: you name it, we measure it.

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Tailor-made test designs

Benefit from well-founded, industry-specific and innovative study concepts developed by ipi. All tailored to your questions!

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Expert evaluations

You receive relevant, reliable, valid and object test assessments thanks to our many years of expertise in the relevant thematic areas.

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Product application tests

Whether it involves (ipi) experts or consumers – we engage the appropriate group to use and evaluate the products in real life.

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Claim Tests

Create your advertising claims based on a valid claim study with results that are legally sound.

Consumer tests

We use our consumer tests to support you in optimising your products and services. You can conduct both qualitative and quantitative market research with us.

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Analysis & Interpretation

We won’t leave you to handle the raw data on your own. Instead, we will process, explain and use it to develop recommended actions for you.

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Field Services

As well as recruitment, we also offer to conduct interviews and group discussions, either in our testing studio, online or at home.

What would a dual testing approach look like?

Your benefits at the ipi institutes

With the dual testing approach we conduct product tests in two ways, both on a technical level and from a consumer’s perspective. This combination offers a comprehensive opportunity to test and optimise products. Technical tests in the laboratory are an efficient opportunity for checking performance and safety, while practical tests by consumers simulate real-life conditions. By combining the two methods, it is possible to develop products that conform with industry requirements and satisfy consumer needs alike.

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Products improved through dual testing translate into higher customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and revenue growth. Whereas elsewhere you would have to engage a new service provider, here we offer you unique product research and market research all under one roof. By carrying out smart technical product testing in an intelligent combination with consumer trials, we understand your product and can give you promising recommendations for action.

Benefit from ipi expertise and our services & methods

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