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Food storage

It is impossible to imagine life without refrigerators. They are among the most commonly used household appliances, as they normally run 24 hours a day. This makes them one of the biggest consumers of power in your home. Choosing the right refrigerator is therefore highly important, but often not easy. Do you prefer a free-standing appliance or a built-in refrigerator? A combined fridge-freezer, or how about a chest freezer? And how much electricity does a wine fridge actually use?

A graphic symbol of a refrigerator.

no easy choice

which refrigerator is the best?

Choosing the right refrigerator is no easy task. Many consumers therefore gather information about appliances from independent test results and put their trust in accreditations and awards. For refrigerator manufacturers, this means having to provide as much information as possible. With our competent and interdisciplinary team of experts, we can offer you a wide range of tests. Their results are not only of interest to end customers but also for you as a manufacturer and distributor.

which food storage appliances do the ipi institutes test?

refrigerators, freezers & coolboxes

  • Built-in refrigerators
  • Free-standing refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Combined fridge-freezers
  • Chest freezers
  • Wine fridges
  • Coolboxes
  • No-frost appliances
  • And many more

The variety of products in this industry is particularly broad, and so far we have tested just about all of them in our climate-controlled chambers. Are you still unsure whether we can test your device? We always find a way, and will respond specifically to your requests and needs – feel free to ask!

reliable & valid test results

We are dakks-accredited

Testing food storage appliances is one of our core competencies. This makes it all the more important to us to be ISO 17025 accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) for numerous standard testing procedures. In addition, we also test the energy label on your refrigerators for compliance with the applicable EU regulation 2019/2016 or the EU Ecodesign Regulation 2019/2019.

  • EN 62552-1:2020
  • EN 62552-2:2020
  • EN 62552-3:2020
  • IEC 62552-1:2015
  • IEC 62552-2:2015
  • IEC 62552-3:2015
  • DIN EN 62552:2013
  • SANS 62552:2008

Our experienced interdisciplinary team of experts tests your food storage appliances with great care. We employ standardised test methods to ensure an unbiased assessment of your product. In addition, we offer you the option of a tailor-made test design to fit exactly with your needs.

Daniel Bösler
Head of Product Lab

what tests do the ipi institutes carry out?

we offer tailor-made test solutions for your product

Different clients bring different products and requirements. We therefore adapt our perspective to your needs. Is your focus on environmental issues (energy consumption, noise emissions, temperatures), user-friendliness (functionality, reliability, ease of use) or statutory requirements (industry-standard testing, conformity tests)? With our decades of experience, we know exactly what to look out for. Our most common test procedures are therefore:

Verification tests

for manufacturers

comparison tests

for consumer organisations

conformity tests

for government agencies

Beyond that, we offer you tailor-made test designs enabling us to respond to your specific requirements.

Five wine bottles lying side by side in a wine refrigerator.

how is a refrigerator tested?

we determine the energy efficiency of your appliances

To test a refrigerator, temperature sensors are placed at various levels inside the appliance. To simulate food items in the refrigerator, we also use standardised testing packages equipped with temperature sensors. We then simulate ambient temperature in our special climate-controlled chambers – everything from winter conditions to the height of summer. The measurable energy consumption and the temperatures recorded can then be used to determine the energy efficiency of your appliance.

A short video of a wine refrigerator being gradually filled with wine bottles.

benefit from ipi expertise

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