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Product Application tests

How would your product be assessed when used on a regular basis? Does it deliver added value for your target group? Do customers understand the operating concept? To answer these and similar questions, we carry out physical application tests. The tests are either home use or studio tests, and are carried out either by consumers or alternatively by experts in the test laboratory.

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performance, sensory perception, optics & use

we test the application of your products

Is your product on track to become a top seller or a slow mover? That will largely depend on how it looks, feels, smells or tastes. Whether it is a usability test, sensory assessment, performance or energy efficiency test or a visual sampling, tasting, haptic or acoustic assessment, with the ipi institutes you benefit both from the results of laboratory research as well as from comprehensive consumer surveys. This is how our experts make sure that you receive meaningful test results and a reliable market forecast.

how does an application test at the ipi institutes work?

as realistic as possible & under controlled conditions

In order to meet your needs and answer all your questions, we adopt an individual approach for your product in each application test. To do this, we analyse which of our test procedures with which group of people is most suitable to test your product as realistically as possible and under controlled conditions.

from experts in the lab to test subjects at home

overview of our application test

  • Home use tests carried out by test subjects (with live online observation where necessary)
  • Consumer tests in our consumer test studio (these tests can also be carried out on your premises on request)
  • Tests carried out by our institute experts
  • Expert panel test
  • Individual test procedures as per your request
The application technology team takes measurements in the ipi kitchen during food preparation with household appliances.
The application technology team at work.
Four people are cooking in the ipi kitchen at the stove with various kitchen utensils such as a pot and pan. More food is ready on the kitchen shelf.
Product testers in a consumer test.

Is a small sample sufficient or do you need input on a methodologically appropriate sample size? Single monadic or sequential monadic? Single or double determination? We will gladly advise you and provide objective, professional responses to any questions you may have.

Guido Lorch
Deputy Director & CoSTUMER RELATIONS

What advantages can the ipi institutes offer you?

Our dual testing approach

For all-round comprehensive testing of your product, the laboratory tests and consumer tests at the ipi institutes work hand-in-hand. We call this the dual testing approach. While many institutes and laboratories only test for quality, function or durability, we can also run product tests with consumers on your product. Our wide range of thematic areas means that we are ideally positioned to provide support with decision-making. Our in-depth knowledge of each of these areas enables us to select the ideal test subjects and testing methods for your application test.

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