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Technical measurements

In product research, physical and technical measurements are among the most important factors in being able to make objective statements about a product. Technical measurements therefore play a key role in every test in the testing laboratory. Much of the knowledge about a product is gained from these measurements.

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Strictly adhere to industry standards or would you prefer something tailor-made?

We test the measured variables that are relevant for you

At the ipi institutes we are equipped to test almost all measurement variables which are relevant to you, whether for a prototype test, industry-standards test, claim test or comparative product test. Would you like us to test your products strictly according to industry standards? No problem! At the ipi institutes, you also have the option of developing an individually tailored testing programme with us. We are pleased to help you determine the parameters to measure and to select the right testing method for you.

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Flexible and well-equipped

The ipi testing laboratory

Our testing laboratory is equipped to the highest technical standard. This creates room for flexibility in offering a wide range of testing options, enabling us to respond to your specific individual requirements.

DIN, EN, ISO and IEC tests

ipi in-house procedures and testing standards

Tailor-made test designs

Do you need absolute certainty about the results of an industry-standard test?

We are accredited to the DAkkS [German national accreditation body] standard!

As an accredited laboratory, the ipi institutes are ideally positioned to carry out industry-standard tests. The DAkkS accreditation under DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 attests to our competence in performing measurements in accordance with the standard. We also apply seamless quality management to ensure compliance with the required quality standards at all times. In doing so, we guarantee you certainty and the best quality of our test results.

DAkkS-Akkreditierungssymbol mit Registrierungsnummer der ipi Institute für Produktforschung: D-PL-20074-01-00
A yellow circle with a color gradient. It says: DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Our measurements cover everything from simple dimensions to energy consumption under standby mode and the degree of browning of baked goods.

You name it, we measure it.

Karl-Heinz Baumann
Managing Director
Metal meter stick for simple technical measurements.

What are we experts in?

We test physical variables with scientific precision

Mechanical variables

  • Mass
  • Power
  • Friction
  • Torque
  • Work
  • Energy (mechanical)
  • Output (mechanical)
  • Efficiency (mechanical)
  • Specific volume (density)
  • Specific weight (density)
  • Pressure
  • Tensile and compressive stress
  • Sound pressure level
  • Volume flow

Photometry & optics

  • Light intensity
  • Lighting strength
  • Light density

Geometric variables

  • Length, width and height
  • Thickness
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Angle


  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Resistance
  • Effective power
  • Apparent power
  • Reactive power
  • Energy (electrical)
  • Power efficiency (electrical)

Kinetic variables

  • Time
  • Period duration
  • Speed
  • Flow rate
  • Acceleration
  • Frequency


  • Temperature
  • Temperature difference
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Heat
  • Heat flow
  • Heat capacity
  • Heat conductivity

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