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Tailor-made test designs

Successful business decisions are based on insights derived from valid and relevant results. With our tailor-made test designs, we will provide you with reliable test results and help you gain a better understanding of your products and services as well as of how to optimise them.

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Why tailor-made test designs?

make sound decisions through custom-fit studies

The most important thing for us is for your study to be a success. We are committed to working closely with you to answer all your questions and evaluate each test product individually and reliably. The final design therefore takes place after a launch meeting, an internal pre-test and final fine-tuning.

what makes the ipi institute tailor-made tests different?

intelligent approaches & tailored problem-solving

Every one of our tailor-made tests is unique – just like your product. This way, our testing programme reflects your needs and is geared to your questions. We develop carefully thought-out custom concepts for product testing and consumer surveys, even for unusual products. Take the opportunity to benefit from our in-depth, industry-specific knowledge and the unique combination of consumer market research, expert tests and laboratory testing!

For over 20 years, my colleagues have inspired me with customised test setups and tailor-made study designs. As an experienced team of product experts, we will also develop a custom-fit, robust test protocol for your product – and a test rig designed by ourselves if necessary.

Guido Lorch
Deputy Director – Customer Relations
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tailor-made test designs

individualised, affordable & relevant

Good doesn’t have to mean expensive – quite the opposite! With us, tailor-made also means keeping to what is necessary and useful. In other words, reduced to the max. This way, you only pay for the services that contribute to achieving your particular study objective in the best possible way.

our tailor-made test designs include

1) Analysis of your brief

Our first step is a meticulous analysis of your brief. We want to understand exactly what questions you want answered.

2) Individual needs analysis

We take great care to understand your individual needs and requirements. To do this, we scrutinise the work to be done and communicate with you.

3) targeted selection of methods

We make a targeted selection of the most useful methods from our portfolio and ensure that they are suitable for your requirements and objectives.

4) guided by budget

We will always be guided by your budget when selecting and implementing methods and keep a close eye on the cost-benefit ratio.

5) Reduce to the max

We rely on the precise and targeted implementation of methods to provide you with meaningful results.

6) developing new methods

Where necessary, we will also develop new methods or test setups to meet your specific requirements.

7) external services

We collaborate with a network of partners and can bring in external services that best meet your needs. 

8) meaningful results report

At the end, you will receive a meaningful results report that answers all your questions and, if necessary, contains recommendations for action.

benefit from ipi expertise

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