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One of the ipi institutes’ core competencies is testing coffee machines. With our coffee machine tests we are able to test all types of machines used to make coffee, ranging from the classic filter coffee machines, single serve coffee makers (capsule or pad machines) and portafilter machines to fully automatic coffee machines. While our experts put the appliances through the technical measurements in the laboratory, we also gain valuable insights from your target group’s perspective through consumer testing.

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How do we find the best coffee machine on the market?

technical measurements & comparison tests for coffee machines

Our standard test programme is modelled on the comparative testing carried out by leading European consumer organisations. This mainly includes technical measurements carried out by our experts in the laboratory. We assess parameters such as volume, coffee temperature and the strength of the coffee beverage and check the electrical and thermal safety of the appliance. For integrated coffee grinders, we also collaborate with other laboratories to determine the fineness of coffee grinding and test the appliances for harmful substances after descaling.

A measuring device (refractometer) for determining the extraction of coffee standing next to a coffee cup with coffee in it.

The testing programme is updated on a regular basis. We do this to ensure that it always complies with the latest standards and provides valuable insights. This gives you valuable feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your appliances. You can use this to make improvements and enhance the performance and quality of your coffee machines.

We carry out extensive comparative tests for consumer organisations to identify the best coffee machine on the market. In addition, we work closely with manufacturers of household appliances and support them in developing and optimising the best possible coffee machine.

There’s hardly a coffee machine on the market in Germany that hasn’t been thoroughly tested in our ipi product test laboratory!

Swen Richert
Lab Manager Domestic Appliances

Do you think your coffee machine has the potential to be a test winner?

Have your coffee machine tested by our experts

We work together with professional baristas. They check the settings on the coffee machine so they can brew the best possible coffee. Even a slight change in the brewing temperature or the grind of the beans can have a significant impact on the results of your study. Using the optimised configuration and factory settings, we then organise a panel of lay persons to perform sensory testing and evaluate the quality of the coffee.

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