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Analysis & interpretation

Product research and market research is not just about determining values and generating data. Expert targeted analysis and interpretation of the collected data play a key role in understanding the findings and interpreting the results of the tests. To achieve this, the ipi institutes offer a wide range of analysis methods.

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We evaluate your test results

overview of our analysis methods

cross tabulations

Cross tabulations are used to explore the correlations between different variables and to present them clearly.

descriptive statistics

Descriptive statistics summarise the most important features of the data, such as arithmetic means, medians, standard deviations and distribution patterns.

multivariate analyses

These are suitable for analysing correlations in variables and their impact. Multivariate analyses unlock much greater potential for evaluation than purely descriptive presentations.

content analyses

Content analyses systematically examine and interpret the meaning of texts and other communicative forms of expression.

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analysis, interpretation & processing of your data

Our significance tests enable us to determine the significance of the values you have obtained. This way, we determine whether differences between studied groups or variables can be explained by coincidence or can be attributed to a relevant difference. Furthermore, we will not leave you to interpret significant findings by yourself. We will gladly take care of the entire analysis process for you and use it as a basis to provide recommendations for action.

We will also gladly provide you with the raw data from our testing results, no matter whether your preferred format is Excel, SPSS or your own template.

Matthias Stauer
Head of Market and Consumer Research
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how do you communicate well-founded results?

powerful graphics & appealing presentations

Take the results of our research and use them for your communications projects. We create powerful graphics that visualise your results and make them easy to grasp. In addition, we summarise your study in a test or results report and use it as a basis for making recommendations for action.

analysis, interpreting & Processing

overview of our analysis services

  • Statistical analysis, interpretation as well as the graphical and content-related processing of data
  • Preparation of presentations in the form of reports on tests or results
  • Developing courses of action
  • Professional advice for product research and/or market researchchung

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