Drugstore products are subjected to some of the most comprehensive testing
with consumers, since this provides the basis for characterizing every aspect
of a product as perceived by the end user. With over 40 years of experience
in devising and conducting drugstore product tests, ipi is the first choice for
many companies.

Profit from the experience we have gained in conducting scent and sensory tests
for leading product manufacturers. Learn about our facilities, which include
15 washing machines, washing bays, and shower stalls that testers can use
to fully experience and evaluate drugstore products. This optimal combination
of market research and practical product testing allows you to acquire
the relevant information you need to make sound decisions. Decide right!

We test the following:

  • Washing and cleaning detergents (powder, tabs, dish liquid, floor cleaner)
  • Hair and body care products (shampoo, shower gel,antiperspirant)
  • Sanitary items (diapers, incontinence products, tampons, etc.)