The unique combination of laboratory work, consumer tests, and full-service
market research makes ipi the ideal partner for providing the results you
need to make sound decisions.

Our diverse skill set and dual approach to research allow you to analyze
the market from all conceivable angles, including those of product
development, marketing, and the consumer.

This means you can have the performance of your products tested at the
same place your market research is conducted as well as test the subsequent
results on users/consumers. It is advantages such as these that clearly put
us at a higher level than that of pure product testers. Pure market researchers.
And pure consumer testing agencies. An interdisciplinary team of specialists
with in-depth industry and product knowledge ensures that the solution we
devise for you will be exactly what you need to address your specific situation.
Decide right!

All ipi institutes at a glance:

  • ipi Institut für Produktforschung GmbH
  • ipi Institut für Marktforschung GmbH