unique! Laboratory tests,
consumer tests, and
consumer surveys
from a single source.



ipi: Product market research
for household and kitchen appliances,
domestic engineering articles,
drugstore and personal care products
Household and kitchen appliances fmslideshow

Our tests accurately determine how good your household appliances really are.

When it comes to testing household and kitchen appliances
for preparing and storing food, leading manufacturers
rely on the experience and know-how of ipi.
And the success we achieve confirms that. Decide right!
Personal care fmslideshow

Our personal care product tests take all consumer requirements
into account - Europe-wide!

Many personal care products are subjected to consumer tests in the form of home use or studio tests. Such tests frequently present a logistical and organizational challenge, however, and cannot be carried out in any laboratory. This is why leading manufacturers come to ipi. Decide right!
Domestic engineering fmslideshow

Our customers "see the light" when a product test
is carried out at ipi.

Product tests for domestic engineering articles such as
lamps, lighting fixtures, or air-conditioning units require a high level
of technical expertise in addition to the right testing environment.
This is why many leading manufacturers come to ipi. Decide right!
Drugstore products fmslideshow

Drugstore products are tested using all the senses at ipi.

Testing drugstore products necessitates
recruiting the right testers and employing a high level of
professionalism in organizing and conducting test exercises.
ipi delivers by providing regional, national,
and international feedback. Decide right!


ipi: Full-service product market research,
from designing surveys to recommending
a strategic course of action
Performance tests fmslideshow

Our performance tests show
how practical your products
really are.

To ensure that you launch your products successfully, ipi conducts usability tests to assess the functionality, handling, durability, energy efficiency, and safety of your product. Decide right!
Claim tests fmslideshow

Our claim tests allow you to integrate solid, undisputable facts
in your marketing campaign!

Right before series production starts, the focus turns to designing the perfect package that includes a compelling message to attract buyers. Our claim tests back your message by providing the hard evidence you need. Decide right!
Standards tests fmslideshow

Our standards tests show you
how you can further improve your products. Guaranteed!

Be it national or international standards, internal testing standards, or ipi's own performance criteria: many products must comply with a host of guidelines and regulations. Determining whether a product meets the standards that apply in the respective consumer market is something ipi is known for. Decide right!
Test and survey design fmslideshow

Our test and survey design program allows you to benefit from our know-how and expertise.

Almost every survey we design is unique as is the approach we adopt for it. For decades, ipi has been devising well-orchestrated and customized concepts. We start by reviewing your needs and analyzing briefings, then devise clever test and survey exercises that are also affordable. Decide right!
Analysis fmslideshow

Our analyses provide you with
the insight you are looking for.

Some customers only require the raw test results, while others need graphic depictions or presentations and a recommended course of action. Try us out! ipi caters to both groups equally well. Decide right!
Field service fmslideshow

Our field services encompass regional, international and
global scopes.

Field work requires a high level of organizational talent
as well as a representative number of testers who come
from many different backgrounds. If you are in need of
quality results, look no further than ipi. Decide right!


ipi: Laboratory and consumer
tests from a single source, objective
measurements, subjective
assessments, and a wide variety
of consumer surveys on offer
User-oriented fmslideshow

Application tests at ipi are realistic and clever like no other.

National and international consumer organizations place
their trust in the credibility of our long-term home use tests
and expedited studio tests. Be it randomly chosen testers
or experts picked for the test: ipi will set up the optimal
parameters based on your requirements and product specifics.
Decide right!
Physical fmslideshow

Practical relevance is at the top of our list when it comes to taking physical measurements.

Need to know how your product performs with respect to energy
consumption, thermal response, cycle time, or application force?
Then look no further than ipi! After all, we have been successfully
conducting physical measurements for over 40 years. Decide right!
Sensory fmslideshow

We have developed a sixth
sense for sensory tests.
And acquired a great deal of
expertise in the process.

What tempts your target group? What is currently in demand? What trends can be observed? Sensory tests require detailed subject knowledge, a suitable environment, and of course the right testers. This constellation is exactly what ipi is known for. Decide right!
Qualitative fmslideshow

Our qualitative surveys answer the 'why' question.

Consumer survey or expert consultation? Online or offline? Focus groups or in-depth interviews? To understand the 'why', or motivation behind the numbers, ipi offers a variety of qualitative methods. Decide right!
Quantitative fmslideshow

Quantitative surveys help our customers see into the minds
of mainstream individuals.

To quantify the requirements of a market,
ipi organizes and applies a large number of
quantitative survey methods. If you need to
know what a market thinks about your product,
ipi is your first address. Decide right!


ipi: Product laboratories,
test studio, 10,000 test
households and
online community
Product laboratories fmslideshow

Our product laboratory
works to meet
your specific requirements.

Are you in need of an A/C testing station or laboratory for electrical safety? How about a laboratory with washing and cleaning equipment or an endurance testing station? Every product test places a specific set of requirements on a laboratory. ipi ensures that all of your application requirements are met. Decide right!
Test studio fmslideshow

Your products meet the right consumers in our test studio.

Do you need separable test areas or a larger room for focus groups? What about the latest in transmission technology or face-to-face interviews? We also have taste testing areas, in-house shower stalls, washing machines, and cooking facilities!
The ipi consumer test studio and product research center
can cater to any and all requirements. Decide right!
Panel fmslideshow

Our panel impresses
in numbers and the
quality of their work.

Every test comes with its own set of requirements in the
way a product or service must be tested and how frequently
the tests must be carried out. With 10,000 test households
available, our comprehensive pool of testers make ipi
the one-stop shop for all of your testing needs. Decide right!